Voice Building Blocks

Building Block Description Difficulty
Create outbound call Learn how to create outbound calls and what callbacks to expect Beginner
Receive Calls Learn how to setup your account so you can receive incoming phone calls and text messages Moderate
Play Audio Learn how to play an audio file in a call, conference, & bridge Moderate
Speak Sentence Learn how to use 'text-to-speech' (TTS) to speak a sentence in a call, conference, & bridge Moderate
Record a Call Learn how to manage recordings Moderate
Create Gather (collect digits/dtmf) Learn how to collect button presses on a phone call Moderate
Forward a call Learn how to forward an incoming call to another phone number Moderate
Screen a call before forwarding Learn how to screen a call by prompting the caller to speak their name before forwarding Moderate
Conference Call Learn how to create and manage a conference call Moderate
Voicemail - NodeJS Learn how to setup a simple voicemail system with NodeJS Moderate
Configure SIP & Softphone Learn how to configure Bandwidth to handle SIP calls Moderate
WebRTC Learn how to use Bandwidth SIP and WebRTC ⚠️ Currently unsupported ⚠️ Moderate
For Mobile Apps Learn how to configure Bandwidth for Mobile Applications Advanced
Setup Dashboard for Network Bridge Learn how to link other API providers and Bandwidth's Phone Number Dashboard Advanced

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